SG Build Contractors Ltd


It is the policy of SG to comply with both the letter and the spirit of all current health and safety legislation applicable to its undertakings and to regard these as minimum requirements.

SG believes that the effective management of health and safety is a sound business principle that makes a significant contribution to the company’s profitability. SG is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all persons who may be affected by its activities. In order to maintain this commitment, health and safety will be considered, promoted, communicated and managed throughout the organisation in the same way as all other aspects of the business. SG is committed to the belief that health and safety is an integral function of its management team and that all managers are accountable for the health and safety performance of their areas of responsibility. To ensure the effective implementation and subsequent monitoring of this policy it is necessary to define the duties and accountabilities of all persons and these are set out in the appendices to this statement. SG is committed to the following principles:-

That all incidents are preventable and that all risks can be safeguarded, also that all incidents demand prompt investigation and timely remedial actions when and where appropriate.

That all employees have responsibilities for health and safety and therefore will be provided with appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to enable them to work safely and efficiently.

That active co-operation between management and workforce is an essential element in promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and that all employees should be involved in the development of safe operating procedures and method statements derived from a comprehensive risk assessment process.

That company safety standards are established and maintained and must therefore be complied with and that specialist health and safety advice will always be available when and where required.

That targets and objectives should be set to ensure a continual improvement in health and safety performance and that active monitoring is an essential element of performance improvement.

That appropriate resource both financial and physical will be made available to support this policy.

✦ SG undertakes to revise this policy as often as future developments in health and safety legislation render appropriate.